Thursday, September 09, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #80: Greetings from Suite E (for now)!

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Hey all,

(ed. Note: This is actually posted over at the KOB blog-site, so Im basically double dipping here.)

So here is the official first post not from my personal blog but from The Official KOB site, where not only myself but other key Knights from the other depts from here on out (The producers, writers, the FX guys, our composer, etc) will hopefully chime in as we work on the post-production process of the movie now. We're currently in a space in West Hollywood but might be moving due to tech issues, but for a first official week of the cut, its a trip to see stuff coming together. Im still jetlagged like a mofo from the whirlwind tour of wrapping the film and then 2 days later off to the UK for FrightFest where Adam Green and I premiered some new "Road To FrightFest" shorts and other goodies (and thank you to all the KOB fans already out there across the pond!), but then it was right back to work...but I wouldnt have it any other way.

Now, as much as I loved being out in "the shit" with the actors and crew during the shoot, it's here in the edit where you can REALLY play and have fun without the bugs or weather; now that we can see what we have to work with in terms of footage, working with our expert editor Howard Smith (just look up his credits and gawk) and his ever-jovial assistant Alex as we hack away on the cut rounds of cuts has been great. Nothing terribly exciting visually at this stage, folks; no severed heads strewn across the floor or celeb cameos other than what's on our monitors (which would just give too much away) so don't expect a lot here for now, but we did want to chime in and say hi to The Fellowship and let you know we're pouring over the footage and things are going great. There's a LOT to do still, between the actual picture cut of the film, the FX shots, the sound design, the Digital Intermediate, Bear's score, etc, but its a good start to the Fall after One Crazy Summer.

If anything more exciting happens we'll be sure to check in and take a shot but enjoy this moment above to see our usual editing work methods. I think it's very effective! Now, back to work, Smith!!

Onward we Slash!



Anonymous Sir Davius said...

Thanks for the update Joe,
was kind of wondering how it was going...I certainly miss being on set,each day was an adventure-you never knew what was going to happen!
best regards..

9:59 AM  

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