Thursday, August 19, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #77: Poseur for Posehn

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First night shooting out of the woods (or any greenery for that matter, it was Cement Central).

For once, it was nice to not be swarmed with thousands of insects once the lights went up after lunch and pissing outdoors while Crafty peeks (sorry girls, I caught you that one night). Don't miss it a bit. Being in a garage is like home. We had one practical location, an auto garage (which in comparison to the open air, felt like home), and 3 major scenes occur here, including a...well, there I go into Spoiler territory.

But speaking of which, we had 4 (count 'em) FOUR cameos in one night. Usually it's deaths, this time it's subtle casting nods to the fans (or haters cracking their knuckles for this flick already) and I couldnt believe I was on the same set at everyone. Here my good friend Brian was gracious enough to come up for a night and spend some time with us, luckily he came when there weren't pissy bushes, and fit in with the Fellowship like a glove.We also had the equally lovable Larry Zerner (and slightly less tall) in but I honestly forgot to get a snap with him (Sorry dude!) Just funny that Jessie, one of our "Second Team" needed an Full Apple to even approach the height Brian rocks, which promptly got a dismissive "Pfftt" from him here (and he's so right).

So glad he and the rest were part of tonight. It was another mad dash to the finish, but as the sun burnt us by 6:30 (being cinema vampires does that to you), we walked away happy, satisfied, exhausted and ready to kick this final day's ass.

Wrapped two more actors we approach Wrap Day, soon The Knights depart.



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