Saturday, August 14, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #73: "Wrapish"

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Since this is essentially our final week of shooting and most of the out-of-towners will be booted out of Spokane back to our original beds by Friday, Production felt it was a good idea, with most of us still here, to have our Wrap Party tonight. While I was dead tired from the night before, Bri and I first met up with the producers & cast for dinner at the place I had dinner the night I arrived in Spokane (Moxie...again, GREAT Asparagus) and then hit our usual Saturday night joint, O'Doherty's Pub for a KOB gathering of epic proportions. Practically everyone was there, spirits were high and flowing, some of the cast premiered a music video they made with Summer's BF Cooper (a hell of a great guy and a fantastic photographer to boot) & our EPK Mike (see you on the Special Features, guys!) and then we ripped into Karaoke (I blasted out a "Knights of Badassdom Remix" of Tenacious D's "Wonderboy") before I had to head home a bit early to help Remy hit the hay. Im sure many will be "feeling it" Sunday, but Im glad everyone was having a good time and hope they partied well into the early hours of Sunday.

It was such a great feeling to see everyone having fun, comiserating on the insanity we rolled on and unwinding from one hell of a shoot...even if it's technically not finished! 4 more crazy days to go. Also crazy: a week from now Ill be back in Los Angeles (at a dear friend's nuptuials, natch) and can't believe I wont see many of these bright faces again. They've been so good to us here and I cherished the love in the room tonight.

Onward to bed (if I can),


Anonymous Norman said...

Will the music video be available for the public?

2:53 AM  

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