Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shot of the Day #256: Quiche Sunday FAIL

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Sunday. Writing. Boards. Various work. Need breakfast. NOW.

There's a Marie Callendar's down the block that we've never gone to before, and for good reason; those types of places are fucking junk food with a slightly higher class count than a Denny's (but not much). So, or course I decided, why not try it once? So between shot listing, I went to the restaurant for a late breakfast, which upon walking in was teeming with elderly people and boisenberry pies freshly made, the smell overbearing when you walk in (or was that smell the old ladies?). I just wanted something breakfast-like and filling so I can go back to my day with little interruption, and while I was here I thought I'd catch up on some Fangoria issues too. What a combo huh? Part of me was against this outing...maybe this will suck ass and ruin my day AND probably be way over-priced? Fuck it, it's breakfast, how hard can it be to fuck that up huh?

I ended up picking the ham and cheese Quiche, which ended up being a huge mistake. The filling inside was like a slightly denser consistency than the upchuck in BAD TASTE, and Im assuming slightly less flavorful that that intergalactic vomit they were all chugging. The cheese and ham looked like they were just stuffed in later on and the whole thing looked like a Brunch Holocaust. Seriously...worst. Quiche. EVER. Blargh.

Why didn't I listen to my gut? Now said stomach is suffering. Idiot. Well, at least I got to read up on some cool flicks in Fango....

Listening to the audiobook to Bret Easton Ellis' THE INFORMERS so i can watch the movie next. Is it me, or is there NOTHING in this book? Literally empty. Oh, but with Vampies. Hmm.



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