Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shot of the Day #253: Toilet Humor

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Taking a wicked piss in the deli we're eating at between casting sessions. Today's the first official day of casting on KNIGHTS, and I love this part of the process. So many varied choices with the roles we have in this, and so glad to be working again with Nancy Nayor Battino, who also cast WRONG TURN 2 (and FROZEN), and she's got a great handle on all the talent out there. Just having all these guys in the room, many of whom Im a fan of already. Sadly, I can't shoot any of this stuff so my SOTD couldnt totally reflect the scene out of respect for those up for the parts, but wish me luck as casting can really make or break this film. Vert excited!!!

But when I leave the John post-piss, I notice this peculiar "Mens" sign. Looks like one of the PUPPET MASTER creations, and more creepy than funny. Also, why was there a KALIFORNIA poster over the toilet? Did Brad and Juliette (who dated during the film) meet here or fuck in this stall or somethin' ? This is a strange town.



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