Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shot of the Day #252: Ramen, there is no substitute.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

So in keeping with my somewhat newly-instated diet (trying to cut down and get in shape for the various projects after seeing my flabby ass on that big Empire screen and now all over the internets, see below) I decided to go with a "Soup Dinner" and stopped by a Ramen shop on Sawtelle for a nice big bowl of Tokyo Memories. Seriously, just looking at this bowl filled with noodles, porkfat, a half of a hard boiled egg and that savory broth, it literally transported me back to Shubuya when we were there for many a G4 shoot (which Im coordinating a crew going next week and kinda wish i was joining them). So, catching up on my metal magazines and slurping a great hot bowl of aint bad right this moment.

Also, now you can check out the Road To FrightFest shorts from this year, entitled American Douchebags in London, online! Enjoy the laughs,the fears, the tears....the nude scene! This was another amazing collaboration with the ArieScope team and thankfully there will be more to come! I just gotta get in shape....and get a haircut. Stupid Movie....

American Douchebags in London Part 1

American Douchebags in London Part 2

American Douchebags in London Part 3

American Douchebags in London Part 4

American Douchebags in London Part 5



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