Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shot of the Day #21: if TV adds 15 pounds...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge...or rather, DONT. much does an iphone camera add? Jesus. Here it is, was all proud of myself for hitting the gym for a few months and since January 5th-the last time I weighed myself-I had lost 6 pounds! So I was elated, feeling good....till now of course.

Here's "Fatty Magee", Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance and his good friend "Sanch" posing outside G4 between set-ups. Gerard, who is not only an amazing singer (their last album, THE BLACK PARADE, was my soundtrack during the promotion of WT2) but a newly accomplished comic-book writer (check out THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY series, it's pretty fantastic) so we had him in as a special guest for FRESH INK where he reveals some of his favorite "floppies" in the comic world, which was a major honor for us. Took a while to coordinate, but thanks to uber-producer extraordinaire Frank Meyer, we made it happen and here he is. As a HUGE fan of Gerard's work, I had to get a pic with him, and after Frank told me to curb my usual "Lloyd Kaufman meets a serial killer" look (wide eyes, dead stare, pursed lips, etc.) I relaxed my face...and god do I hate my visage here. So much for feeling good about my appearance, sheesh. What a goofy looking fuck.

Great to meet those guys, who were also huge horror fans-Sanch was refreshingly honest about WT2 ("Good gore, loved the Kim death, Rollins was fun...." and...that's about it. Nice! No asshole sunshine here...refreshing.)-so I was thrilled to give Gerard a copy of the movie to check out...and then they left it after they finished shooting.
Not sure if I should take that as a hint...I'm still focused on my fat mug in this shot. Ugh.


Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

PS; Rock star sighting take 2: After the doctor's apt, I took Bri to Urth Cafe and who do we happen upon but Brandon from Incubus, just chillin' with a lady friend sippin' a latte. Naturally, I had to grab a shot...and I think he caught me! Hilarious....and embarrassing. I think that dichotomy is good for the soul.


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