Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shot of the Day #21: Reflecting the 4th wall

Shot on iphone. Click to enlarge.

Here's an impromptu moment during the taping of the latest episode of THE MMO REPORT, with our esteemed host Casey Schreiner rolling though the week's latest headlines in the world of Massive Multiplayer Online games (hence...M.M.O....get it?) in the little room we call a set. An upgrade from the broom closet we previously shot the viral show, to be sure.

Shooting this show is a highlight of my week, working with Casey and the producer, Patrick, and the creative energy bouncing around the room is so infectious and cathartic, it's like a whoopie cushion for the soul.

...and then i leave the room, and it's bid'ness as usual.

Years later we'll all look back and reminisce..."At least we had The MMO Report...flutter."


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