Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shot of the Day #232: Couch in the Alley

Shot with iphone, Click to enlarge.

Driving to the Landmark theater for Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2 screening, which Im actually excited for based on some "unused" trailer that leaked yesterday. I had little to no expectations of the new film since I wasn't a fan of the original remake (Oxymornic statement of the day), but that trailer and the soundtrack lead me to believe Zombie (who Im a big fan of) has pulled off another DEVIL'S REJECTS. GREAT use of "Knights in White Satin" too....NOW I'm psyched....Here's hoping.

But Im driving down the alleyway that connects our parking garage to the street and caught this surreal scene, which promptly stopped me in my tracks. Its moments like these that Shots of the Day were meant for capturing, right? Discuss relevant signifigance at will....or not at all. Your choice. I'm just glad i got it.



Blogger Aleata Illusion(GoreGoreDancer) said...

Haha,nice couch.

2:28 AM  

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