Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shot of the Day #123: I stole'd yo' B'fast "Kebin".

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

If you know me well enough, you'll be aware that Breakfast is my favorite meal. Not the time of day mind you, but what's usually on menu. Omelettes, breakfast burritos, Eggs benedict, Crepes, breakfast specials, the left side of the brunch menu...pretty much anything with eggs in it, on it or around it, then I'm there on opening day. If your establishment has "Breakfast All Day" then I will be a regular customer.

Breakfast, simply put, rocks. I Heart it.

Which leads me to my crime of passion. Starving for some kind of meal, I stopped by Champagne Bakery on National this morning, hoping to get something eggy and cheesy before I dash into a very long and laborious Online session (will this project ever end???). When i get there, the Breakfast Crepes jumped out at me instantly; eggs, swiss cheese (I subbed Cheddar), ham (Fuck you Swine Flu!) all wrapped in a fluffy flat french pancake. SOLD. So I ordered it with a side of potatoes, waiting patiently as customers come and go. Then an employee who can barely speak english taps me on the shoulder saying:
"Um, no-"
He holds up a bag to my face, clearly showing me that it contains TWO containers of orders. Unless they put the potatoes in a separate box, this couldn't have been my order...was it?
"You get Breakfast Creeeepes?"
"Um, yeah."
"Kebin!" and puts the bag in my hand and quickly tends to the next customer, an elderly woman who's got a beef with her Almond Horn. So here it is, Im clearly holding "Kebin/Kevin"'s order in my hand, or so i think. Do I just walk out with it and play dumb or do the right thing and announce to the gent behind the counter that I am in fact NOT "Kebin" and it's likely this is NOT my breakfast?

From the picture above, you can see what my choice was. I'm a bad bad man.

Now I had no clue what was in the mysterious 2nd box; I was just hoping that the first order of Crepes was OK and that "Kebin" doesn't like tomatoes or liver on his eggs. When I got home, lo and behold, I was greeted with a perfectly fine and photogenic order o' crepes (Swiss, but I didn't mind) and also...a delicious looking Breakfast croissant with Ham, Eggs and Cheese (Cheddar!!). With just the TEENSIEST hint of guilt, I ate the free meal AND the crepe. It was divine.

So, to Kebin/Kevin, my sincerest apologies for swiping your order; I blame the dude at Champagne for being so insistent on me being you. But my stomach thanks you.

Off to hell,


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