Monday, April 27, 2009

Shot of the Day #117: The Eye of Slade

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Im a HUGE fan of this man's eye, between his music videos and feature films, David Slade has a bold, shaded vision of the world, and ever since his Stone Temple Pilots video for "Sour Girl", i was hooked to how he saw the when he pulled out his Nikon and started snapping shots of the various "masters" during dinner tonight, I had to get all 4th wall and take a picture of him...taking pictures.

I don't know how he does it, but his pics always have that "special sumptin'" that one always strives for when making the most plan, banal image into art. Slade's got the gift.

First time I saw David snapping random shots was at THE PROPOSITION screening back in 2006, just when I got WRONG TURN 2 and heard that he was looking at Danny Huston to play the lead in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, which, as a fan of his debut film HARD CANDY, I was thrilled he was helming. In hindsight, while the 30 DAYS adaptation is marred (too many cooks in the kitchen from what I heard...I feel ya, pal!) but damn if it isn't visually stunning and has some great moments. But I loved how at the screening, Slade would just skitter around the theater and just-SNAP! SNAP!! SNAP!!!- like he was pint-sized Paparazzo, while Huston, who was in the film and there for a Q&A, spoke on-stage. Cool to think I was there the first time the two men met and was the genesis of their working relationship.

Best wishes to David on the new TWILIGHT sequel he's directing (the 3rd in the series). Now I actually have a reason to see it. Damn if it wont look purdy.



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