Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #68: In the thick of it...

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Not much to say....pretty hard and distressing day to say the least. Sorry, not every shoot day is gonna be peaches and cream...but must press on, right? Big budget or small, that's just the way it goes I guess, but that doesn't mean it's not a bummer.

In the thick of the woods now, guess we got spoiled by a huge overhead softbox guiding us to the light. Hopefully it was just a case of the Mondays, but we gotta start kicking some ass, and QUICK. 8 more days to go, BIG scenes....lets go Knights...to the READY!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there, you can do it! all your peeps are rooting for you...

JoAnne Kirley

1:49 PM  

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