Friday, October 16, 2009

Shot of the Day #289: Freaky Friday

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

How Im even standing on Fairfax and Beverly at 11:50pm is beyond me. No Im not trolling for Johns (although in these tough times, its not a bad idea, but how does one reflect that in their tax return? Hmmm) but about to go into the Midnight show of EXORCIST, something I'd been looking forward to for weeks and by damn, this day was NOT going to take that away from me. Let's see:

-Woke up feeling awful, guess that bug caught me. Shit. Nothing worse than being sick and having a happy baby want to play...I felt even worse.

-While fighting bouts of Buttchuck, fighting over email with someone at work who needs to be seriously checked before they are wrecked. This lady is GOING DOWN. Thankfully, I saved my ire for her supervisor. Worked like a charm.

-Had to hold in the sick to pick up my car, all the way up in the Valley...AGAIN. Let's just save the long story for the short: The dealership calls me earlier to tell me that, after MANY dollars were spent and wasted in attempt to get that damned "Check Engine" light to turn off to allow me to pass the dreaded Smog Check....that NOW I need to spend almost 5k on a new transmission. Um...things you could have told me LAST WEEK?!?! So after holding back puke to scream at the dealer, who was less than helpful, I demanded my car back, which I got. Now...before I had been horn-swaggled by the car's not having the Check Engine light on, only to drive a block down the road and then "BING"....but this time...what if....I devised a plan so crazy it might just work....AND IT DID.

-Just as Im about to pull out (of the driveway, you perv) , I get a text from my producer (nay, a private TWEET, showing Twitter is truly legit now) saying that one of the actors I had dreamed of getting (and to some, quite Dreamy) was suddenly available. Long shot for sure, but it was still a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Sick or no, this day was truly shaping up!

So finally, having "stuck it to the man" (I dont need to go into any more detail, but lets just say "FUCK YOU L.A. SMOG CHECK! I BEAT YOU!!!") and come home to rest for a bit, I was restless so met up with friends to see EXORCIST at midnight, when I happened upon this cherry Trans-Am parked in front of Canter's Deli. INSTANTLY, I was transported back to the days watching Sally Field berate a Cowboy hat'd Burt Reynolds as they jumped over 20 cars in SMOKEY & THE BANDIT 2, and life just got a little more simple. I love this car.


PS: Also seen on the walk to the movie...dare I ask where it's been? Nah.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.


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