Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shot of the Day #293: "Evil Pete"

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

"I hate my life and want to die"

This from "Evil Pete" an otherwise friendly, if somewhat drunken, fellow who I met at Birns & Sawyer today while getting a new "foot" for our monopod at work. Why am I running these errands? I ask myself the same thing, but its nice to get out of the office and meet dudes like this. Pete, who also said he goes by "Annoying Pete" "Sad Pete" "Grumpy Pete" and sometimes..."Nice Pete" was flustered by his computer, and one keystroke prompted the above quote as he sighed the sigh of 20 years of dissapointment it seemed. Here is a guy who seems to have been beaten down enough times, so he just shrugs, says something truly disheartening, even to a complete stranger like myself, and just....moves on to the next problem. Made me kinda reevaluate my current situation a little too, cause lord knows lately, I've had those very same words come out of my mouth too, and noone needs a Debbie Downer...or an "Evil Pete".

"Evil Pete" said he doesn't drink...and I wanted to ask if sometimes he's also called "Lying Pete". Still, super nice guy, can't wait to come back and say hi. I wonder which "Pete" Ill get next time?



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