Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shot of the Day #11: I am a Donut Mule

Shot with Iphone. Click to Enlarge.

When Bri and I shot the Black Dahlia Murder music video in Vegas back in 05, she was on a desperate hunt for ANYTHING Vegan (you'd think with 4 of the same letters in the same order, they'd be more accommodating) and stumbled on Ronald's Donuts, a little hole in the wall (pun intended) that actually offered 100% vegan donuts, and Bri was in HEAVEN. Seriously, you'd never know these things are somewhat good for you, because they are fuckable-good.

So CUT TO: 2009, and knowing I was going to be in Sin City, Bri made it VERY clear: No Ronald's Donuts...don't come home.

So, with a very detailed list ('Yes on anything jelly and custard; NO on Maple") I went to Ronald's and bought out pretty much the rest of the Vegan vittles, much to the slight Asian owner's delight. They smelled so sweet, soft and fluffy, and I knew I'd be the big winner with two boxes filled with sugary goodness. Score one for the Lyncher.

So with ALL the other equipment and luggage I was trudging through the airport, I had these two pink boxes of stomach sin like a drug mule, trying to keep the contraband on the DL so someone in the airport wouldnt give me a look saying "Um, you have TWO personal items and one carry on" and grill me in a dimly lit airport interrogation room about the two boxes of innocuous donuts which probably come off like I've stashed diamonds or crank in the dough, which means some fat, sweaty fucktards would be penetrating the confections with their meatpaws, looking for illegal booty.

Thankfully, Im writing this from home, so the "eagle has landed" so to speak, and Bri is one happy camper.

Shot with Iphone. Click to Enlarge.

I also took this aerial shot as we departed tonight, cutting through the Vegas night sky, and the moon caught my eye. This was both a very difficult week, and was glad to be shooting as the door was hitting our asses on the way out. Plus, with the other similar pic i took on Tuesday, this just felt like a fitting visual bookend.

Till next time Vegas...go F yourself.

Shot with Iphone. Click to Enlarge.

Staying Scary,


Blogger JRae said...

Your shot a day thing is inspiring, and I love that you do most of it with your iPhone!

I'm gonna try giving it a whirl. I keep meaning to use my camera more and keep being lazy...

Mmmmm vegan donuts. :)

I'm saving the baby love for your next post... :)

6:50 PM  

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