Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shot of the Day #77: "Turbo" Haunts me.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

So, last year on my birthday I posted a picture of myself circa 1985, depicting me in my "Breakin'" pose that I did for a dance recital back in the day. See, 'ole Joe was a chubby kid (ed. note: still is in my eyes), so Moms would try anything to get my blood flowing and tone up a bit. So, we first tried Karate: didn't work out and I cried myself out of the class...but I loved the style! Then Soccer; the only positive was the Carvel Ice Cream trip after if our team won...and sadly, we never did, so I was out of that bullshit. FInally, fueled by such classics like BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BUGALOO & BEAT STREET, she coaxed me into doing a Breakdancing class, and I gotta admit...I loved it. I was pretty fuckin' good too, had the "6-step", basic "Pop N Locks", the "Windmill" and even "Hellicopter" down pat. I was no "Shabadoo", but my teacher called me "Turbo" so I was pretty stoked. This particular pic was from our recital and has stayed close to the vest for years, the kind of picture you put out every once in a while for public scrutiny and plenty of good, hearty laughs. But aside from Bri and my family, I didn't show many people. Clearly, you see why. Yikes and double yikes.

Well, I thought that as a fun goof for my birthday last year-for shits and giggles-I would post this hilariously embarrassing pic on my Myspace page for a one day, just to see if anyone noticed. Well, I guess they did; because people at the G4 office IMMEDIATELY downloaded it, putting LOLCATS type verbage on the pic and sharing with the ENTIRE company on our famed "Gamers" listserv. So within minutes of me putting up the pic, I had about 5-10 different variations of this pic you see above. Wonderful! Needless to say, I quickly took it down, but the damage was done. I now get to see my ugly little mug EVERY DAY at the office, hanging in many a cubicle. I do admit, the LOL-speak does make it funny.

So why did I post this up here? Am I just asking for more pain? I guess so!

I wonder if I still "got it"? Hold while I kill myself.

Nope, don't got it. Moving on.



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