Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shot of the Day #76: Nighttime Excursion

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Out with Remster on our walk. Sometimes, when you just see a shot, like here, you gotta take it. No questions asked.

Just watching the sky darken and the sidewalk ahead of us, a foreboding feeling of dread ahead (believe me I was looking for Michael Meyers behind bushes the whole way down)...something in my brain said, as Vincent Vega so eloquently stated:


PS: Just wanted to thank all of you who've been so cool in reaching out about my LAST HOUSE presentation. Honestly, I wasn't looking for press or validation at all; I just wanted to purge my idea once and for all and thought "Hell, who is gonna care if I put this up, or even notice?" Well, clearly some people did, because the outpouring of supportive emails i've gotten since ICONS OF FRIGHT put it up on Sunday has been overwhelming. Thank you all for the nice words and who knows? Maybe in a few years the world will want a "re-imagining" of CHAOS.
Here's some of the links:

...Oh, what did I think of LAST HOUSE? Let's just say, with no ill will towards Dennis Illiadis and the (mostly) stellar cast....I still stand by my idea, especially after seeing the final product.
S'nuff said.


Blogger Robg said...

Dude... I've thought your take was great from the moment you pitched it to me in person back in 2006. When I saw that you put up storyboards and your presentation, I just had to repost it. It's too cool NOT to share with fellow fans and filmmakers! Thanks for the kudos on here. (Same to CHUD for mentioning us.) Much appreciated.

8:32 AM  

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