Friday, August 10, 2007

What a flake

Hey all,

Sorry I havent been very vocal on here, its been madness the past few weeks, what with Comic-con, getting the other festival and promo stuff ready AND working on "the future".

Starting Monday Im going to try to write every day on here, and see how it goes. Even if it's like "Today sucked money taint" and that's it. I want to get more involved on this as we're ramping up for some crazy happening for the film that I'll be part of.

Plus, I miss you.

So stay tuned. Hopefully I'll have something profound to say...

I will say that despite some bad Fajita consumption that turned my Comic-con Saturday night into me "windmilling" all night (if you watch SOUTH PARK you'll know what I mean), the convention was a resounding success for the film. I think we got a lot of people jazzed for the flick and the swag was killer, literally.

Oh, and Im starting a new photo album for all things WRONG TURN 2 related, including the poster for the movie that my good friend Conor and his buddy Shawn [sic?] designed that the WT2 myspace czar Jeremy added to. I LOVE this poster. It perfectly fits in the 80's type mood that I was going form, and the tagline is so sleazy and exploitation it's perfect. Hope you guys dig it too...and there's more pics and other goodies to come. Go to my myspace page and check out the album, some fun to be had.

In other news, my tooth is killing me. I totally want to pull a BUG and just tear that fucker out. Oh jesus I hurt.

Went to the Kwik-E-Mart in Burbank. Fun times, bad donuts. Maybe THAT's why my teeth hurt. D'oh!

Just saw DISTURBIA. For a "Best of Spielberg ideas" flick (seriously, there's POLTERGEIST, THE BURBS & even TEMPLE OF DOOM in there) I really dug it for a PG-13 thriller. That Leboof kid is on fire these days!

New must own album: DEVILDRIVER's new disc. Fucking intense stuff. Their best album yet. No Im not bias.

Met one of me heroes last week. It was surreal to chat with him for hours on end, and he was really cool and fun to talk to. Walked away feeling pretty inspired. Then I walked into SUNSHINE and by the end of that, the inspirado was pretty much sucked out. Shame...while I liked the movie, especially it's sparse and moody first half, it suddenly lost my interest when Danny Boyle was given a new set of funky music video-esque filters and lenses midway through and then the film turned into 2010 meets NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5. I love Boyle's work, but the ending almost ruined my SUNSHINE experience.

BOURNE was amazing. Greengrass is a god. Funny how he's shot to the top of my "heros" list from only 4 films (of the ones I've seen(BLOODY SUNDAY, BOURNE SUPREMACY, UNITED 93 & BOURNE ULTIMATUM). The man knows his "Visual Verite"...and I love it.

The Banz turned 5 last week as well. Her birthday is also signifigant in that it's a marker for how long we've been enduring (he)L.A. Thank god we have her in our lives. Sure she's a bit crazy and hyper; she's simply justifying her moniker. But this little dog has been our rock out here. She's "da bomb" as they say in Idaho.

Ok Im out. I promise to be back on Monday for my big blogging experiment. For now Im going to punch myself in the nuts to divert my attnetion away from my grill.

Staying Scary,



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