Thursday, May 03, 2007

Boo ya! The Blog is back!

Well, it's official. Im an honest man. You can unlock your sons and daughters, at least during the day for the time being.

I gotta admit, for a nerd-encrusted douche like myself, it feels great. Briana has been such an important part my life for almost 10 years, and if someone is WILLING to put up with my shit and endure my endless summer of geekery, than said someone at the very least deserves a merit badge. Not to say a ring on a finger is a reward, but damn if she didn't earn it, and damn if I didnt earn this union myself. Piss on tradition and supersition, Bri is my muse, my soul mate, and this past weekend, it was the greatest celebration our our unique and undying love that you could have asked for. The wedding itself was perfectly "us", complete with an "anti-establishment" slant in every respect (right down to where we had the ceremony & who married us). We both agreed that it was the best time of our lives, and for all those who shared the special day (and beyond) with us in Santa Cruz (yes, where LOST BOYS was filmed...nerd!), thank you for being part of it. I'm still so proud that we pulled it off ourselves (of course with some major help from the family), and everyone who came said they felt like they were part of something that was truly one-of-a-kind, not your typical cookie cutter wedding. There's too many details to go into here (and frankly, too many that arent for public offense!) but it's safe round these parts to say that I'm extremely happy and being married rocks. Im so lucky to have her in my life, and now she's STUCK with me. It's been a great year so far and while Im sure it will be hard to top the endorphin-releasing charge of this past weekend, this year's shaping up to be a great one.

So much to cover. Christ it's been madness since I last wrote (not including my laments to Bob Clark and GRINDHOUSE...both R.I.P.) and feel terrible I've ben slacking on the WT2 news. Frankly, there hasn't been much other than we kicked major ass at FearFest on my birthday weekend (I got to show my trailer, which went over gangbusters) and WizardWorldCon and that Fox is STILL up in the air with the release date. Frankly, anything to distance ourselves from the shit smell of HILLS 2 is fine by me. Did I mention how much HILLS 2 made me feel SOO much better about my film? Sure I dont like to slag on movies much, but holy fucking GOD was it a steaming pile of fuck-all. What's more dissapointing is that Im a big fan of the director's music video work and while Im yet to see his indie flick GRIMM LOVE, this movie almost made me stop watching films altogether (due to my slashing my own eyeballs over how putrid this film was). But I was mainly concerned over similarities over the two films. I mean, who isn't going to compare TWO CANNIBAL MUTANT HILLBILLY SEQUELS FROM FOX? But upon leaving the theater, I had a huge smile on my face. Sure, theres a few scenes that are similar (nice to know we shot before they started writing theirs and ironic it came out first) but i knew then that I could sleep easier, which to me comes so rarely anyway. So, Fox should be announcing something soon (maybe for the Burbank Fango con in a few weeks...hopefully our "special guests" pull through!) so please fans, hold tight. Believe me I wish they'd release some new stuff too, but all good things come to those who wait, right? Yeah...I hope so too!

...but...I will say this: Keep your eyes peeled...there's some stuff floating around...maybe you'll find it....

Other shit:

Worked with Billy Zabka a few weeks back, which you can see HERE. Very cool guy, and the video he directed is fucking tits. For someone who loves 80's comedies, meeting Billy was like meeting geek royalty, and I'll be damned if I dont try to work with him in a movie soon.

Saw ANGEL-A. Luc Besson is back, and Im a happy camper. I even got to shake his hand and tell him how he's a hero of mine, and how his use of the anamorphic frame is one of the most unique in the industry, which i think threw him off from the usual "Oooh I love THE MESSENGER!"...but i got a picture so Joe=happy.

Saw HOT FUZZ. Twice. What's your excuse for not going?

Speaking of hot and fuzzy, Bri and I also attended a special screening of HF where they played a triple feature of the FUZZ (with Nick, Edgar and Simon in tow! Hilarious cunts, they) POINT BREAK & HARD BOILED! Fucking awesome geek out evening...I even ran into Edgar who said he was excited for WRONG TURN 2...sweet!

For now, I'll leave you with a bittersweet moment from our "Celebration Tour 2007"...since Bri and I were big supporters of GRINDHOUSE even after it's demise (DreadCentral even ran an article based on my letter to the editor detailing why the Weinsteins want to split the films up, for better or worse which you can see HERE) so on the last night that GRINDHOUSE was playing at the Drive in around here (which Im also using as "research" for my new script called THE OZONERS...more on that soon) so we went with our friend Katie, another tried and true gorehound (believe me, when she can spout off Argento's INFENRO references like it aint no thang, Im impressed) to see the Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature in ts full, glorious length one last time. With only a few cars in attendance and the wind adding a nip to the proceedings, it was so fitting to see GRINDHOUSE there, where I grew up watching flicks like THE BEASTMASTER & TEMPLE OF DOOM in Long Island at the D.I., and it only confirmed to me that GRINDHOUSE, especially DEATH PROOF, is on my top 5 films of the year. Don't like it? Well then go enjoy THE HITCHER again, asshead. But here is a picture that sums up the evening tailgating a soon-to-be cult-classic...which is only fitting, no?


OK well now that the formailities are out of the way, I'll be sure to blog in more, especially now with the movie's PR hopefully kicking in for the summer. We're pushing for some festival screenings so to those who are chomping at the bit to see it with a huge audience...keep your fingers crossed!

Staying Scary,

"J. Lyncy"

PS: UPDATE! Check out the News section...WRONG TURN 2 IS INVADING FANGO BURBANK!!!!! can hide the kids again...


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