Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WEEKEND OF HORROR INFO...double trouble this weekend!

Hey splatterpunks and "TURN-ers" (Im trying that out, since it still confounds me that there are so many people actually excited for WT2)

Well, here it is. To me, the biggest weekend of the year, my Christmas, my "other" birthday, the weekend I've been waiting for, not only since I wrapped my fucked up noggin and dark bleeding heart around the world of WRONG TURN, but ever since I rented, and re-rented, and re-rented the Media Video's Fango W.O.H. documentary back in the day...I've wanted to be part of this gloriously goretastic event. I've been living in (he)L.A. for 5 years now and for one reason or another, I've never had a chance to attend. Work this, body disposal that, you know how it is...but this will not only be the first year I get to go to THE W.O.H. convention to end them all (usually because the genre talent is local to H'Wood) but I get to be part of it in a HUGE way...on not one but TWO panels on Saturday!

1:25 p,m.-Prepare to have your senses blasted out your orifices, because not only will WRONG TURN 2 be live and loud with the help of the lovely Erica Leehrsen and the even lovelier Henry Rollins (and yours truly), but we'll be showing, for the first time, an exclusive scene from the movie. I promise you, you will never think of the term "axe wound" the same way again. The panel starts at 1:25 sharp (Tony and co. are running a tight ship!) so come early, and be sure to look out for other WT2 cast and crew milling about there showing their love and support....Im really excited for you guys to get the first glimpse of my love letter to 80's splatter sequels. Hope you all dig it!

3:30 p.m. - Go grab a coke and a smile (and maybe the bootleg of PHANTASM 2, if you can find it), cause in the Producer's room, there will be a special screening of FX master Tom (Alien 3,AvP, SPIDERMAN 2, etc) Woodruff Jr's directorial debut, the twisted short MY BROTHER'S KEEPER, which I was honored to be Cinematographer on. For the money we had to work with (which is tantamount to how much I'll be spending on Black T-Shirts this weekend) the film is wonderfully sick and poignant, looks pretty badass and sports solid performances from Woodruff himself and a memorable cameo from Lance Frikkin' Henricksen! Afterwards, before Tom's AvP panel at 4 we'll have a Q& sure to check it out and support the shorts scene!

Finally, don't forget to check out the HATCHET panel with Adam Green and Co. as they further kick your ass into your throat (moderated by Shocktillyoudrop's own Editor-in-Entrails, Ryan Rotten)...and be on the look out for Dave Parker's brand stinkin' new trailer for his next shocker, THE HILLS RUN RED (which I've seen...and if the trailer is ANY indication of what's to come, we're in for a terrifying treat!). So many more great people to mention here without losing your attention, so check out the Creation site here for more info and a full guest list:

NOTE: For those reading this going "Man, Lynch, this sounds super-sweet! I can't wait to drive 12 hours to Burbank, buy a ticket at the door and enjoy the madness!" You sir/madam, are out of luck. I JUST heard that Saturday is SOLD THE FUCK OUT! While this does not bode well for the Johnny Come Lately's, it just means that this weekend will be one for the history books...or at least a few hundred fan blogs.

If you're there, dont be shy, say hi! Can't wait to rock this joint!!!

Staying Scary,


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