Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We have nards

Pretty un-eventful day. Dental work kinda prevented me from enjoying any of the fun goings-on last night at the E! party so I went home, dulled the pain and enjoyed a final dinner with Gordon "You fucking Donkey!" Ramsay. But what I did forget was to mention a major highlight that occured on Friday night, one that perfectly fit into the "flashback" weekend that occured....

I got to finally see THE MONSTER SQUAD on DVD.

Holy god.

What an amazingly fun flick.

Sure, it's dated, it's so 80's in the clothing, style and verbage ("Nards"? "Been 'dorked'"? Shane Black at his dialogue-spewing finest), and some scenes have an odor of fromage, but for a PG-13 GOONIES knock off, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS director Fred Dekker and co-scripter Black went 10 steps further and made a worthy successor to THE GOONIES while also playing with the Universal Monster franchises (using some amazingly original and effective creature designs from Stan Winston)...and making one hell of an exciting movie.

Seriously, seeing it again in beautiful 2:35:1 widescreen (the first time it was presented as such anywhere), it was like viewing the film for the first time, enjoying every frikkin moment and having fun "re-casting" each character with our group of horror buddies as if we were reforming the SQUAD for one more adventure. These kid characters in the film...they were so US. The dorks who knew of every monster mythology, every rule of each horror franchise, hell made their own t-shirts to show their horror love, the kids who in the film you wouldn't normally give the time of day to, let alone think could save the world...yup, I was one of 'em, and Im sure many others out there can relate to it and wish they had more friends at the time who were willing to be into horror and gore and scary flicks....and now, the kids who WERE these dorks in the film in real life-well, not the actors but all the kids like us who could relate-now we're all grows up and grows up...well not entirely, but that's the point. The "Kids" are coming to power, and it's up to us to keep the love alive for the future SQUADS to enjoy.

...just felt great to want to make movies when THE MONSTER SQUAD first came out and 20 years later, knowing with pride that my first film will share DVD space with a childhood favorite that inspired me. if you haven't seen M.S. in a while or ever, I couldnt reccomend a movie higher to instantly put a smile on your face, unless you have a distate for 80's flicks...if that's the case, fuck the fuck off, thanks.

Not to steal from another kiddie adventure of the time...but...

"This is our time"

Staying Scary,

PS: This is just badass...another tapping of the 80's vein.


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