Saturday, August 18, 2007

Smoke in my mouth

OK OK...well I tried for the every day thing, and just got caught up in work. My bad.

Looking forward to the weekend, need a few hours to recharge...but REALLY looking forward to being in the Jolly UK next week for FrightFestUK.

A week from today is the FUCKING WORLD PREMIERE. HOLY SHIT.

Seriously, I've been so stoked to get out there, I can't believe its finally time to trek overseas to show the movie for the first time with a huge crowd. My first film is world premiering in London, the home of the "Video Nasty". PHow crazy is that? I've always heard of's not comprised of some snooty, Bourgerois film snobs ready to merely explicate and dissect the finer points of the thematic structure and the mise en scene...this is a crowd of rabid horror peoples! Not to say they wont enjoy diessecting the thematic structure and the mise en scene, but they're also more apt fo just sit back and have some fun. The movie was made for them, so if it goes over well...I know I've done a good job. Hope tpeouple come out for the screening, it would be killer to see it with a packed crowd. If you like, check out their snazzy site HERE

Had to hit the dentist again for research on my "reimagining" of MARATHON MAN...actually it's THE DENTIST 2 (love those ECU shots of teeth massacre). No this was my second visit for the dreaded root canal...ROOT CANAL PART 2: THE TOOTHENING. Was actually even more dreaded this time, longer, more moments of "discomfort" (as they like to say instead of "this is gonna hurt"), hell my fucking eyeball went numb at one point, that was an interesting sensation...oh..., was that smoke coming out of my mouth just then?

Watched VACANCY earlier this week. For under 90 minutes, I enjoyed (most of) it. It oozed creepiness down the BARTON FINK-esque walls, and the suspense was actually genuine. Im not a big Kate Beckensdale fan (I mean, her acting thus far...Im fine with the surface level) and Im more privvy to laughing at/with Owen Wilson than seeing him pull off the everyman-in-peril character, but they were effective enough to allow us to put ourselves in their position. We've all had to endure the shitty motel night, and it taps into the "what would you do?" factor well enough. I'm pretty sure I WONT be watching this in a hotel anytime soon...besides, theres much better in-room Gonzo to enjoy instead. With an effectively creepsville turn by Syracuse local-boy-made-good Frank Whaley and some amazing DP work by one of my favs, Andrej Sekula (RESERVOIR GODS, PULP FICTION, OLEANA), the movie did a pretty effective job of emulating the old-school craft of Hitchcock with a Michael Heneke edge on the snuff films the couple discovers, right down to the title sequence and classicly stringy score. It's a shame the film ends with the anti climactic aftertaste of Red Herring. (BTW: If you can handle it, check out the full versions of the videos on the special features...pretty disturbing and effectively realistic)

Holy shit. I just saw that one of the SLEAZIEST aisan horror flicks that I'd seen in some time was just officially released on DVD..THE EBOLA SYNDROME. I wont go into specifics, but this is one fucked up flick. A friend from Troma lent it to me when I worked there a few years back, and it really eye-raped my senses. Think if the shocking tone of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST was chased with a twisted sense of humor, wok'd with soy sauce. The flick is totally uncompromising and morally bankrupt, even more so than the more factual THE UNTOLD STORY/BUNMAN, and Anthony Wong makes Patrick Bateman look like Mother Theresa. Seriously, the main character in this film is the epitome of "Sleazevil", yet you cannot take your eyes off the flick as he rapes, murders and spreads Ebola through the city with a devilish grin on. You will feel dirty after one viewing.

"You have Ebola!!!"

...and with that, I bid you a good weekend.

Staying Scary,



Blogger Robg said...

Oh snap! TEAM G makes it's way to Gmail and the blogger of Mister Joe Lynch! Hellz! Dude... just got Vacancy as a b-day gift from Gingold but haven't watched it yet. Hoping for the best. Looks PSYCHO-esque, so might be up my alley. I recently watched Disturbia and surprisingly enjoyed that one! And I'm already in the process of looking for EBOLA SYNDROME! Hellz. Where was Torrani with that one?!

3:53 PM  
Blogger The Butcher said...

Follow up a helping EBOLA SYNDROME with a mouthful of THE UNTOLD STORY and it's Wongtastic.

8:40 PM  

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