Monday, August 13, 2007

"Bring the Funky"

...Just got back from a press conference with Van Halen. Pretty amazing to see Diamond Dave, Eddie and the gang again on-stage. I remember fighting with my mom to get me 1984 on cassette; a compromise was struck and after 10 bags of raked leaves, I was bopping to "Panama" along with every other kid and teen that year. Seeing the band (with new member-and Eddie's spawn-Wolfgang in tow on Bass) again was a thrill, the cherry on the top of my "flashback" weekend. How's that, you ask?

Well on Saturday Bri, Green, new friend B.J. and I went to see RATT & POISON at the Gibson, which was pretty fucking radical. Great crowd, good tunes, lots of hairspray. CC was crazed, Brett swiveled the pelvis, and of course there were plenty of half-naked chicks and strategically-torn t shirts. As the show is going, I scream in Bri's ear "MAN...I REALLY WANNA WATCH THE DECLINE OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION PART 2; THE METAL YEARS RIGHT NOW!!!" (Yes I blurted all that).

Lo and behold, not half an hour after we got back from the concert, the seminal Speehris documentary was on IFC! So of course we watched that as well, as Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P. drowns himself in a bottle of Vodka and a pool and how many of the teased-hair hopefuls never got their shot at fame they so proudly declared was theirs. If you haven't seen this documentary, you need to. Now. At least for a good laugh.

Seeing the POISON guys in that doc, professing their "party" attitude, just coming back from a POISON show 20 years later, it's amazing to see one of these bands actually enduring. Still kicking ass, taking names, selling swag, finger-banging the ladies...all in the name of Rock N Roll...brought to you by Verizon, Clear Channel and GE or course.

..and of course now seeing VH on-stage, announcing their (3rd) reunion tour. I feel like a kid again. A very old kid.


PS: Before the RATT/POISON show (how awesome is that bill? Great word choice boys) Bri and I were walking around CitiWalk as we happened on this Hammer-esque gent who kept proclaiming that " 10-15 minutes, Im about to bring the Funky". So we waited as Sir Funky did his Pre-Funk know, so he doesnt pull a Funky Hammy.


Blogger Unknown said...

I fuckin' hated Poison in the 80's/90's. I was too busy with the birth of thrash music. But years later I saw them with KISS (well, 1/2 of KISS and SInger and Thayer doing "The Cat" and "Space Ace") and Poison was really fucking good.

Not my cup'o as far as musical direction. But I love good pop music and a pro performance, and they sure brought that. So...respect.

Joe, we're going to have to talk about that new DD album though.


Go pick up the new 3 Inches Of Blood album man.

9:53 AM  

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