Friday, September 08, 2006

MAN BITES no more

Hey all,

A sad day indeed. One of my favorite films, MAN BITES DOG, has lost it's creator and director Remy Belvaux, who was only 37 (!). If you havent seen the movie, DO IT. It's one of the most wickedly funny and F'd up films to ever be made, and long before Chris Guest cornered the market in his faux-docs or THE LAST HORROR MOVIE or BEHIND THE MASK were sucking on their momma's titties, this movie was making cinema dangerous again in the 90's. If you can find the Criterion DVD (with the best poster for a movie out baby!) its worth picking up and daring you and your friends to watch.

For more details on this click HERE.

To pick up MAN BITES DOG click HERE.

You will be sorely missed Remy....CINEMA...CINEMA!!!

Staying Scary,


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