Saturday, April 16, 2005

Well, Here I am...

So I gave up on iblog a while back so I havent written anything updating the world on "my life" as everyone seems to be doing these days. Why Im setting up a new, user-friendlier spot to post my rants and raves I'll have no definitive answer, other than the fact that Beav is upstairs cleaning house, it's 15 hours till Im off to the Adult Swim offices in Atlanta for a few days courtesy of my job and Im trying to keep myself occupied and clear from thinking about life in general. Working so far...

A lot has happened this year so much even to encapsulate into neat subsections of this paragraph because I am genreally as long-winded as an exhumed body. Im just in the back of the hearse just lettin' one rip for at least 2 blocks, only stinking up the place with run on sentances with too much detail and crap word-play to boot. Why do I try so hard? To think, who the hell is gonna read this, aside from someone who is just passing by, peering into the MINTFLAVOREDFILMS window to see my wares, maybe curious about what makes this sick twist tick....and there has been a lot of ticking, both in career and in life for me and again, its just too much to type right now and Im longing to empty my TiVo which is brimming with programming. Admitting is the first step: I am a slave to TiVo.

So, here it is, the first chapter/posting...nothing exciting to say really. Im hopng to use this as a forum for my projects and get some things off my chest and if anyone stumbles into this neck of the net, welcome. I hope my prose is time-consuming enough and my anecdotes, updates and otherwise bring at least somewhat interesting. Things are really getting interesting and the summer should be VERY exciting for me in terms of a few projects, and hopefully my personal life will take advantage of these opportunities as well, not be pushed aside by the workload. I've worked too hard not to enjoy life, and its time to let my life dictate my passions, not the other way around.

Staying Scary,


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