Saturday, May 28, 2005

News in my Briefs...

Sorry its been too long since I updated but I got some time for a moment to reflect on a crazy few weeks. So, The News In Briefs:

-The video I did for Strapping Young Lad, "Love?" has been getting a great amount of airplay on MTV and Fuse...this weekend (5.28) Devin the singer will be on Headbangers Ball...the guy is crazy awesome!!! Should make for a great show, and Im guessing they will probably show the love video...check it out.

-About 75% finished with the new DevilDriver video...its been a major challenge to not only do a faithful homage to another classic (I must be in my "homage" trilogy) but to make something "Love Boatian" (Exciting and New), and this being my first video on HD which has made me a digital convert (wait till you see the sweet slo-mo)...a few more days and we're going to Online. Should hit MTV in late June.

-Went to the MVPA awards 2 weeks back...pretty surreal. Stood next to Francis Lawrence like a 12 year old girl outside NKOTB's tour bus, or seeing Jake Scott, Peter Care and other video directors I really dig milling about, some clutching multiple statues..kanye West got up during the show and told the audience how much he loved videos while Amazonian afro-d models strutted the stage.... one of those events. Jason the producer on my last 2 videos worked the event and got me and my DP Brett in...thanks man.

-G4 has been exposing me to some really cool people, including one of my childhood heroes, Tom Woodruff, one half of the Special FX/Creature shop Amalgamated Industries, who created (and even performed as) most of the Alien series (including AvP), Starship Troopers, Santa Clause, Jumanji, Tremors, the list goes on...needless to say he was a staple of fango, therefore, heroes...but before i digress into geekdom, I got to shoot at Tom's shop a few months back (we did a piece on the Batmobile replica he made himself) and we hit it off, he liked my work and now Im the DP on the short he's directing and co-starring, aptly titled reTard. Who does he play?
(insert title here)
But hes asked me to shoot it and its a real honor. Plus, he got Lance frikkin' Henricksen to be in it. Im psyched...should be a cool shoot.

-Enjoyed the hell out of REVENGE OF THE SITH and forgave the talkie faux political bullshit...there were plenty of times I was smiling like a 10 year old boy...not the best of the series on a whole but a whole lot better than the last two abortions to our youth.

-Trying to design my new biz card...exciting.

...Some cool stuff coming up around the corner...stay tuned, both of you.

That is all. N'nuff said.


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