Friday, September 15, 2006


I was inspired by my good friend Travis to put these old shorts I did for ChinaTV back in 2000 for a show called AMERICA IN 60 MINUTES up on YouTube. The company that hired me, EYECANDY (headed by show host Schutze, who was previously the host of Headbanger Ball on MTV and a kick ass dude...I mean, check out that haircut!) wanted to do little comedy bits humorously explaining some of the unique terms and slang we use (like "taking candy from a baby" or "shes a tough cookie") and with little more than a dv cam, a G4 and the office employees around (hmmm...smells like the G4 network) we made these little vignettes...some are pretty pathetic, but as we get into it, you can see the level of creativity that kept us engaged and chuckling the whole time while not having any production value. Some, like TOUGH COOKIE (and some later ones I'll put up if people dig them) I think are actually pretty cool, but you be the judge. Apologies to all the music we used (they were cleared only for Chinese tv) and the borderline racial jokes (hey I didnt put them in, they did), but why let these dogs languish in the purgatory of my hard drive? I think they're kinda fun.

You can link to the first of the 7 that are online HERE. I'd say if you can get through the first one they get a lot better. Think of it like that TV sitcom you gotta give a chance even if the pilot sucks....there's even a LARRY SANDERS/THE OFFICE thing going on...

If you like them, let me know. If you dont, blame Travis.

Bon apetit, and god bless YouTube.



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