Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.82: "Um, could you..."

Shot with iPhone & Infinicam, click to enlarge.

Between bouts with the press, Team Holliston decided to walk down & check out the Sunset Billboard together before it got tagged (can't wait to see what happens there!). What a surreal experience. Thankfully, a passerby (seen above) was nice enough to take our picture in front of it. The unnamed photog (we totally forgot to ask his name) even dealt with 2 directors asking for "alts" and "another take", so as a return favor, I took his photo too. Thanks "guy"!

Call us what you will, but when YOU have a billboard on Sunset, I think you'd want a group shot in front of it as well.

Crap, I didn't get a release. Whoops.

Thanks unnamed passerby/impromptu "celeb" made our day.



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