Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.75 (HOLLISTON in Holliston) Fiske's X

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Bittersweet ending to the trip, saying goodbye to everyone in town before we head to the airport. Funny how locals were just stopping their cars in the street to say hi or bye, give us food & other goodies (the owner of the Holliston Grille actually gave Green a Corned Beef & Cabbage platter she was bringing for someone else!) and just voice their love & support for us & the show. We seriously did not want to leave!

But before we headed back to Logan airport, the gang and I stopped by Fiske's General Store, which is supposedly an institution in town. It felt like THIS was the unofficial Town Hall, an old-fashioned general store where you could usually buy ANYTHING (you know, before Wal-Marts and Targets squeezed Mom & Pop out of the business). Fiske's was the real deal. For example, you aren't anyone here till your name is scrawled across the dry-erase board (seen below) which is usually reserved for Birthdays, graduations and other celebratory mentions. I had seen the storefront in the shots we took for the show (the "in-betweener" shots of town or location-based elements that go between scenes in most sitcoms to set up time and/or place) but had no clue how much a part of the town it was. We had a great time with the owner/operator, John "Fiske" as he regaled stories of the old establishment, including how he met his wife here, standing on this very X you see above. He can tell the story much better, but it was yet another sign that life is too precious for cities; you can never stop and smell the roses (or anything for that matter) like you can in a smaller town. He was just one example of the love we felt from this small slice of suburbia.

I'm truly going to miss this town and everyone there we met who were so gracious and inviting. We promise to make you proud!

Adieu, Holliston. TIll season 2!


Team Holliston in Holliston, Ma:
Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.


Blogger One Food Guy said...

Pure small town awesomeness. I am in Holliston a lot still but have not been inside Fiskes in many many years. I need to go in and say hi. I lived in this place as a kid...when penny candy could still be bought for yes, a penny! And, John's wife was my 1st grade teacher!! Wow!

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