Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.74 (HOLLISTON in Holliston) Town Hall Meeting

Shot with iPhone & Infinicam, click to enlarge.

I don't even know where to begin with this one. I;m sure Green will put it way more eloquently than I would, especially this day was much more significant his return to his home town (and the setting for our show) than our first time here.

But I will share one anecdote, one that will stay with me forever...

So it was the cast and our producer there to set up the screening. Nope, no PA's no PR, just the humble band of Team Holliston who set up the chairs, screen, etc for tonight's town hall screening in Holliston. We were worried since it was so last minute and the high school's Senior Showcase was the same night, but we hoped for the best, praying more than 10 people showed up.

After running some errands, eating some "authentic" east coast Chinese and heading back to do an interview with the Boston Globe, we were all nervously excited for the evening's events, which would begin with the screening, segue into a Q&A and then once we cleaned up, have a few drinks with the attendees at Casey's Crossing, a local bar that figures into the show. But would anyone show?

30 minutes before doors open, everything is ready (or at least we thought), about 50 seats put out and we're into our interview in the kitchen of the Town Hall. Suddenly, we hear low murmurs from the main ballroom, where we are set up. Are people actually here? Then Sarah quietly rushes in and asks me to come out. Apparently...we didn't set up enough seats! There's at least 100 people already here ready to rock. So I scramble to set up more as some Hollistonians help out and then I head back in with a cryptic smile on my face, Green not sure how to take that as a sign. But as we wrap up the interview, everyone walks out and the place is PACKED. No one expected THIS. So we quickly set up and when the time comes, I run up, introduce Adam to his town and we're off 'n running.

Again, to go any further would likely be redundant to what Green will write in his blog, but lets just say it was a magical moment to share with him. The crowd LOVED the show, genuinely, and all of the struggle to make the show felt worth it for this very moment in time. To feel the whole town enjoying this, young and old, demo or not, was insanely gratifying. Oh, did they laugh!

After, we went up for a Q&A which everyone stayed for, which ended in a heartfelt Standing Ovation and a huge 4-way hug. But here's the kicker: When we mentioned that people should give us a few minutes when they arrive at Casey's since we'll still be breaking down the hall and putting chairs/equipment away, I heard one person go "We'll help!" and immediately....all 200 people broke into action and what took a good hour to set up amongst 5 people took 10 minutes with the town helping out. The sense of community was so infectious and heart warming, it made me miss my own hometown of Port Jeff back on Long Island and that feeling of communal unity. It was amazing. I hope the show in some small way brings us all together like it did that night.

Overall the screening was a hit, everyone had a great time, spirits were high (and flowing) at Casey's afterwards and we finished up the night around 2am, all elated and still a little shocked. Still had half a day left here...but none of us wanted to go home. I think we all felt at home here, even for a short while.

Hooray For Holliston,


PS: Go Panthers!


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