Monday, March 12, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.72 (SXSW): Monday Morning Milkshakes

Shot with iPhone & CameraBag, click to enlarge.

Milkshakes for breakfast? You gonna stop us??

Had to hit the 24 Diner (again) before we left Austin, where we had 5 Dollar Milkshakes (I, the Roasted Banana & Brown Sugar; Green, the Coconut Creme) and discussed the next week at hand. It's gonna be a doozy, especially since we arrive back in L.A. at 9pm and get picked up for Boston/Holliston for the East Coast part of the Promo tour at 5am.
But hey...not a bad gig, right?

Peace out was another short one, but always glad to be here! Just the vibe here, the people, the scene and of course wonderful people and venues of The Drafthouse...If there was anywhere besides NYC I'd move to, it's Austin, for sure. Can't wait to return soon. Wish I got to stay and do more at SXSW (seems like the music portion is just revving up, transforming the populous into a mini Mardi Gras) and even see more movies, but I'll be back...this I swear!



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