Sunday, January 23, 2011

KOB Shot of the Day #93: Sundance Part(ay) #2

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Hey all,

Sitting in the Salt Lake airport about to leave Park City after one hell of a whirlwind tour. My head is spinning (and SLIGHTLY throbbing) from last night's 2nd IndieVest party and where I didn't think it could get any bigger…it did!

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Whereas Friday night had the rocket sauce of Tommy Lee behind the wheels, tonight touted Jermaine Dupri, someone I haven't said out loud since 2002 (when I shot an artist of his and stepped on his toe by accident, mah bad), as the house DJ. But what I didn't expect was I will now refer to as The Lure of the Dupri; as dinner ended and the party began, a cavalcade of scantily clad women began showing up from all corners of the room. The silicone levels in the room went up considerably from the previous night, but the dance floor filled up immediately. Our first DJ, Clinton Sparks, did a fantastic set to kick things off with a great house mix, and once Sir Dupri hit the vinyl, the place was (as they say) SLAMMIN'. Seriously, there was a crazy electricity in the room as he spun 80's to now tracks and there was more grindage than a screening of LAMBADA: THE FORBIDDEN DANCE at the New Beverly. It was a sight to behold. Hell, we even had a fight on the dance floor, which usually means…."GOOD PARTY". So great to see so many of our friends and IV family gettin' fah-reaky, and rightly so! It was a fantastic set by Jermaine, who won me over for sure.

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An extra thrill was that two of our Knights, Brett Gipson (Gunther) and Peter Dinklage (Hung) got to stop by since both of them had films showing. So great to have them out and catch up; Peter's hair is practically shoulder-length and Canary colored from his work on GAME OF THRONES, so he hid it under a long snowcap, which added to the cool factor I must say. Brett, who had transformed from his Thor-like visage in KoB, was handsomely dressed and visibly excited about the movie. Both were even more jazzed when they got a little taste of the film that I had with me; Seeing their faces brighten and wide-eyed was the best swag I could have gotten up here, gave me hope and a charge.

The beat's didn't stop till 1:30 or so and I quickly split back to the hotel to TRY to get some sleep before the next day's flight….and then my time was consumed by web-surfing and GEORGE CARLIN: YOU ARE ALL DISEASED (hilarious), still reflecting on the movies I saw today and the night we had, still not believing I was at Sundance for the first time in 10 years...and that as soon as Im finally settling into the snow, we're out!

…and here we are. Even with 3 hours of sleep (again) I got up charged since I was going home and seeing my family again. I even joked with Bri, I wish I had a Flux Capacitor app on my ipod to go into the future and get home sooner, but I guess Im a slave to Father Time. Someone please get on that app, stat.

So, that's Sundance 2011. We didn't show anything, but we definitely made our presence known and it only got everyone more excited to experience this kick-ass ride we're crafting. It certainly got me jazzed to jump back into the edit again! See you Monday, Howard!

Shot with iPhone, not yours.

Park City, Peace out!



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