Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KOB Shot of the Day #95: We Hath Mov-ed!

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Greetings Knights…and adieu (more on that in a sec).

Sorry we've been a little quiet as of late. To be honest, to quoteth a popular cop adage (usually while standing over a dead body) "Sorry folks, nothing to see here". We've been fine-tuning the current cut of KOB and THIS close to a "Picture lock", which is VERY exciting for everyone. With that in mind, we took our wares and moved back to Henson Studios (Home to IndieVest and those puppets) where we'll be working on the remainder of the film till we've completed the project. It'll be sad to see the EditCave go (our second spot to slash the celluloid) since we had so many good times in those two rooms; running back and forth to see Alex or Bill rock an effect, or our SUNNY IN PHILLY PRIDAYS, or fighting for the bathroom with nervous actors before their audition and eating the same (albeit very GOOD) Chinese chicken salad from the cafe across the street, but nice to get a new view too. But it's time to move on, as we push forward to our destiny as we near the completion of our quest. Feels fresh…a new dawn coming. Knights to the ready!

So, to the Edit Cave in the back of Nancy Nayor's casting office, our daily friends we saw every day, the screaming kids outside our window at the school next door (where producer Mark Burton once attended! Trivia alert!!) and to that awesome Chicken Quesadilla at Carthay's Cafe (another awesome choice)…we bid you good tidings all!

By the way….Lots of KNIGHTS alumni are busy in the coming days, months and weeks! We have the lovely Margarita Levieva who is burning up the screen in THE LINCOLN LAWYER, the estimable Jimmi Simpson is stealing the show on BREAKOUT KINGS (AND just cast in the huge ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER!) Sir Zahn is whooping it up with that WIMPY KID (2) and currently rocking his KoB wardrobe at Marti Gras for TREME, The dastardly Danny Pudi is still kicking COMMUNITY's ass (Down with Pierce!), the endless Summer is wrapping up THE CAPE (with Big Bear scoring her every kick and punch….again!), King Gladis' EAGLEHEART is a weekly highlight on Adult Swim and in a few weeks….The Dinklage will destroy all in HBO'S GAME OF THRONES! Of course, Kwanten is still rocking on TRUE BLOOD which is coming back this summer and if you haven't already seen it, check out his amazing Aussie western RED HILL. Our cast RULES!

Lots of exciting developments coming soon! Stay tuned for more…


PS: I can't leave you totally hanging with NOTHING fun to watch, so here is a blooper reel fellow Knight Adam (FROZEN, HATCHET) Green and I were part of when we hosted two horror films-Friedkin's BUG and the 80's cult classic THE GATE-for our friends at FEARnet. Enjoy! (Look for the DOOMSTALKER cameo!)


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