Friday, January 21, 2011

KOB Shot of the Day #91: Sundance Squinting

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Hey all,

Hello from breezy, sunny, snowy Park City, UT! The IndieVest Knights (sounds like a bowling team) are invading Sundance again this year and they invited me along, which is very cool (thanks guys). We've been hunkered down in the EditCave since the new year, hacking and slashing away, so its a nice diversion from the darkened room for a weekend. I haven't been here since Sundance '00 and just having been here half a day, tons of memories are flooding back…like the time I was dressed as Toxic Avenger and threw up on James Woods' shoes in '99 or when I got to see Trey & Matt's band DVDA play live (where I made my first music video out of it as per their request for "What Would Brian Boitano Do?") or seeing Robert Altman slip on the ice (poor guy) or even the last movie i saw here 10 years back…a Japanese Sci-Fi porno Sequel to BLADE RUNNER. (Yup). Its all sensory overload in the thin, crisp air filled with insiders, media, filmmakers and lovers of the medium all shoved into one place relying on warm hats and over-crowded busses. But its always good to be anywhere where people are celebrating film, and there's a real sense of excitement here. Maybe its the air or the swag people are getting…or could it-gasp!-actually be the movies playing? We'll see…

Today I was lucky enough to catch an actual screening too! Didn't think I was gonna be able to see any movies here since most are snatched up weeks ago but thanks to Akua, she gave me a pass to UNCLE KENT, a "mumble-core"esque flick that was….quite revealing (in many ways). After the film I got to meet up with some friends also in town for the FESTivities, and now Im back at the Yarrow hotel dropping off some essentials (water, toothpaste, etc) before the IndieVest soiree tonight where Tommy lee is DJ'ing (!!!) and a slew of our IV fellowship will be there to whoop it up and maybe talk about the movie a bit. Sadly we're not showing anything yet, but Gonna be a great time for all from what I hear.

Hopefully I can check in over the weekend more and maybe the other guys will too. If I have any interesting pictures other than icicles and snow, Ill be sure to post it.

For now, I think I need some new sunglasses.



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