Wednesday, August 04, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #62: Looking down the barrel...

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

...son of gun Son of a bitch.

Another tough but rewarding day today/tonight. It's minutes from wrap & we're we are at the "Abby*", setting up an FX shot aimed as something Spectral and in Motion. Gonna be a frikkin' big moment, so glad we're getting this. But looking down this particular barrel, as the night bleeds slowly into day in the distance, it reminded me of the one aimed at The Fellowship as we fight on in getting all we want and need to tell the story.

3 wise men once said:

Ultra violence be running through my head
Cold medina y'all, making me see red
Rapid fire Louie like Rambo got bullets
I'm a die harder like my kid Bruce Willis


*Abbie: 2nd to last shot called over crew communication, named after Abby Singer; The final shot is the more familiar term, "The Martini". If there is a shot popped in's "The Lynch".


Anonymous Aline said...


Please post some pic of Ryan Kwanten!
Can't wait for this movie!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Sir Davius said...

I'm an extra on the set and lovin the vision of whats going on here.Wanted you to know if you need any kind of push or promo's for the movie(like at the emerald city comi-con)plz e-mail me, doing all i can to created a buzz amoung my peers without giving anything away.Im dead on a battle field lying amoung body parts you can find me there LOL..
in the trenches with you...
Sir Davius

5:31 PM  

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