Thursday, July 29, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #56: Mag rims 'n Raindrops

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

See those wheels? Mint.

See those looming clouds? Totally Lame.

Knocking on the nearest wood as I write this (dont be cheeky now...) but the weather for our mostly outdoor shoot has been, sucky short nights aside, pretty wonderful...especially considering my last show was 23 days of rain that was supposed to be set in one day of sunshine. But today's gusty wind and sporatic, unruly bouts of rain actually forced us to go to a "cover" set, one that didn't require the massive floating light rig over Evermore, which always make me feel like I'm on the set of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS or COCOON, due to its massively glowing (and floating presence). However, there wasn't much cover here either by our Trik'd out Van in the parking lot set (our only alternate scene we could shoot to make a day) and we were constantly fighting the weather and barely made said day, the "martini" rolling right down to the last drop of time.

Despite the snafus, got some really GREAT performances and visuals. The steadfast cast/crew, despite the last minute change of plans, really rolled with the punches, and I think we all walked away happy with the scene. Just so hard when the clock is ticking, the sun is your hard out & there are natural forces working against your doings putting a damper* on things, just glad to have a Fellowship who know how to hustle and help us make it happen.



*Pun intended.


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