Saturday, July 24, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #52: Boo Radleys Rulz.

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Any store I walk into and THIS view is the first thing I see is a sight for sore eyes. Enter Boo Radley's a novelty shop I've been hearing about since I got here but only today forced myself to walk around and wandered in. The place literally sells "bric-a-brac"; funky, geek-chic STUFF but with a slightly cooler edge (i.e. Retro lunch boxes, outdated toys, hipster coffee table books, etc) but it felt so good to just wander around the store for a moment...and how can you not love the name? Made me smile thinking about Boo Radley & reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in the 5th grade, one of the few books from school I actually have had repeat readings with (come on, would you EVER re-read THE YEARLING or THE ODDYSEY? Exactly). The movie is also pretty fantastic, but the book is just sublime. So is this geektastic store, another wonderful little find while on our Quest....and come on, THE HERO AND THE TERROR poster!?! Win in my book.

Keeping up with the MOCKINGBIRD theme, the (very good) coffee house next door was called Atticus.
Harper Lee, Respekt.

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.



PS: Finally met someone very special today. I can't wait for you to as well ;)


Blogger Jane said...

I'm loving this blog for lots of reasons. One being my best friend is in your movie and I'm super excited to see him in it and the completed film. Another is that I grew up in Spokane and it's so fun to see all your pictures (which are really great, by the way) of some of my favorite places. It's a beautiful little city and Spokane has definitely kept a piece of my heart. I love going back to visit. It's a sweet place and good for filming I bet! Thanks for sharing!

Jane from NYC

9:14 AM  

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