Sunday, August 01, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #59: Killer Commode & The Fellowship Feast!

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

First off, this is SOTD because, while at our usual Saturday Fish 'n Chips dinner at O'Dohertys tradition, I had to hit the "John Smith" and was so thrilled at this sight, clearly enough to take a shot. Any joint that has a commode rocking a Ken Loach movie poster (one of my favorite of his too) is MINT in my book*. What a strange sight to see in a local bathroom, but one that made me giggle with nerdy delight while evacuating.

...Coming back from a rare night out was a real treat after finally getting more than 3 hours of sleep over the past few weeks. So refreshing!

After feeling like what Jack Horner calls "Doggie Doo Doo" the past few days, decided to get out out for a bit and so glad I did. What I thought was an invite to a subtle birthday gathering for one of our biggest supporters, J.P. Pettanato (who has helped produce the Frak out of this thing) turned out to be a HUGE KOB family celebration, with cast, crew and many of the brave, stalwart LARPers who have been part of the whole production as featured "warriors" were all out in full force. To feel all the love & support in the many rooms we took over throughout the night, it just made me even more proud of the work we're pulling off against the odds and even more ready for many battles ahead. That there is, even just halfway through the shooting adventure, such a "family" spirit amongst us all is so, no matter what, we HAVE to try our best to make this something special. If you like it or not, fuck it....we all put our all into it, and everyone who came out tonight was representative of the dedication involved. I dunno if this is the same on every set, but I have never felt a similar sense of kindrid spirit, passion and heart into a collective work in my entire life. Here's a terrible glimpse of the Karaoke madness taking place amongst the Fellowship while taking over Monteray Cafe during a Rapturous Queen number:

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

We ended up in 3 bars over the night (which to many of us is mid-afternoon in my/our "Nightcrawler" schedule) and in every joint there was a familiar and friendly face; so either that's a testament to how small Spokane is, or we just have one hell of a KNIGHTS family amongst us.



PS: This was taken 2 days ago by my old college buddy/killer Script Supervisor Robb "Ivory Shabazz" Foglia while we were shooting under raindrops, me checking a rehearsal moment behind the "Video Village". Contender for new profile pic.

Shot by Ivory Shabazz.


Anonymous Sir Davius said...

Love the project and the oppertunity to be part of something huge in the horror/comedy world.What an encouragement for us to see you and the crew brave the mean streets of Spokane and go out and mingle amoung the rank and file.You really inspired the xtra's tonight,just want to make sure you and the rest know that.
Can't wait to get"Back to one!!"

3:58 AM  
Blogger Karla said...

I'm so glad you keep finding little gems in our town. I have been here 4 years after living in Monterey CA all my life, there is a lot to love about this place!

8:31 PM  
Blogger JD said...

This kindred familial spirit you're feelin' is not common amongst the feature films shot here. What you've brought is SO refreshing -- myself and my peeps are encouraged by this. Some of them are even bummed that they're already wrapped. Hahaha, now that says a lot! And yeah, Saturday night with everyone was simply the best.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was one hell of an evening. What you dont get to see in that picture is the feeling of the whole place shaking as entire bar erupted in cheers as Joe came in, or as everyone is singing together to one song after another. Was an amazing night out, and makes me miss everyone all the more as I near the end of my work day and know I wont be heading back to the set tonight.
- Krymm

3:22 PM  

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