Saturday, July 31, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #58: Friday Night Lights

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

Walking back from the 3rd "10-1" of the night (the wetworks did NOT agree with 2nd meal last night and I was paying the price...what, TMI?) I was rushing back to set and just had to stop for a moment and gaze on this monsterous, glowing sight in the distance; what we've all constructed out here w/ ideas & elbow grease. For the past week, flashes of the climax from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS kept creeping back into my head, reminding me to smile through the sometimes tough times, forging ahead. Even at the end of a hell of a week, it was an sight like this, one removed from the fictional story we're telling visually and more about the process & the tale of this beast being birthed, that will make it all worth it in the end. I gotta admit, I found myself in awe, even after days working within it. Pretty F'n cool....

...and then the lightning came, just to close out the Martini with one hell of a light show. Felt like the right capper to the night and week.

Thanks to everyone for another week! We've officially crossed the halfway point in the shoot...Onward through Evermore!

Night night,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you had a taller crane you could probably inspire a few calls to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

"West of the Rockies you're on the air!"

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Justin said...

Joe ive got nothing but good things to say about you man! its an honor and a pleasure to be working for you! its great to have a boss who really cares about the people working for him. this has been a fantastic experiance, this is going to be a great movie I can tell. keep doing all that you have been, i wouldn't change a thing!


3:24 AM  
Blogger JoAnne said...

I am as delighted to have been a part of this adventure as I am disappointed I did not get assigned to this last week's mayhem -- I look forward to seeing the magic onscreen!

Queen Maab
the one with the huge wings and the crown

9:32 AM  

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