Sunday, November 01, 2009

Shot of the Day #305: Mah table!

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Here we are at Swingers for Brunch; when we got to the hip, hipster-friendly dive, it was packed with people waiting (typical for a sunday morning to cure the hangover munchies), but thankfully the kindly dude who took our name saw the spawn and said he'd get us seated asap. AWESOME. When a table WAS open, we went to sit down, only to see this ratty little blond girl rolling in the booth, claiming it all to her own. We were completely polite, laughing and trying to be nice to her, but she looked at us like "Uh UH! This is MAH table! Step AWF!!" Her father, also waiting behind us for a seat, then walked over and tried to calmly pull her away as Bri stood up waiting for her to move (I was putting Remy, always the jovial gent, in the high chair), but the little bitch wasn't having it. "NOOOOOO!!!!! MY TABLE!!!! MYYYYYYY TAAAABBBLLLLEEEEE!!!" and clutched it like it was her sacred Barbie doll. Tears POURING from her eyes. The father, clearly embarassed, then walked away, thinking reverse psychology was going to prevail here....nope. Lil future pole-swinger just sat there, pouting, not budging. Remy on the other hand, was just smiling and laughing away, even waving to her as if to say "Hey baby...izz all goood" and extending an invitation to sit with us! Finally, the little girl was literally RIPPED from the table by her father as she SCREAMED and made a scene: "NOOOOONNONONONONO!!! I WANT THIS TABLEEEEE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!", seriously? It wasn't that big a deal, jeez. This would be the point where, if I were he, I'd be high-tailing it OUT of there and hitting a drive-thru window, but he persisted, sitting a few tables away...which only gave the brat license to come BACK (which you see here) to FURTHER goad that we stole her table. Jeez. At least Remmers was a dreamboat, like always.

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Later we hit the Hello Kitty Birthday party in Culver City with Luke and Maggie, which was SLAMMED with people...a line down the BLOCK just to get into the store section! Hello Kitty is 35? Wow, I would have never guessed it; I took her for a spry 23. Im glad we went, especially since Bri is/was a HUGE Kittyhead, and it was great to see this sensory overload through Rem's eyes. His brain must have been fried after all that stimulation.

Came home, endured TRANSFORMERS 2. SO glad we missed it in theaters.

All in all, a good day. Still can't believe it's November. How a year speeds by.



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