Saturday, October 03, 2009

Shot of the Day #276: Midnight Shocker

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Brian Collins of HORROR MOVIE A DAY (and my evil twin) hosted a special Midnight screening of Wes Craven's SHOCKER, a guilt pleasure of mine, at the New Bev. I haven't seen the film in its entirety I THINK since the actual theatrical release or the first time I rented it on VHS, so it's been a while. Last time I bore witness to the surreal and silly "inside the Boob Tube" climax was at Spooky Dan's, who had it on a big screen in his backyard as fun visual filler for a party, but man oh man is this some crazy shit. How did Universal feel when they saw it? Im sure shit hit the fan, but clearly....Horace Pinker was NOT the next great Horror icon. Sorry, Pal.

Tonight was also Adam & Rileah's engagement party (wish I had better pictures for this, alas, iphone has shit low light feature). GREAT party, even though Remy was a little bit tired/cranky, but still the life of the party. Also a big hit: S'mores. Funny to see Rem mix it up with some TV and movie people (standing next to Zac Levi and Seth Green chatting it up was a highlight for Bri). Plus I got to meet Green's & Rileah's parents, who were really nice. All in all, a very nice affair. Thanks Adam & Rileah!



Blogger BC said...

Wait... I thought you were MY evil twin? Is one of us chaotic evil while the other is neutral evil?

2:02 AM  

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