Sunday, August 09, 2009

Shot of the Day #221: Family Wall

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Every time I come home I always look at this wall of pictures and see how our family has evolved, spread, blossomed and shrunk too. Knowing there wont be any more photos of my Dad to add was sobering, but knowing that there will be additions to it with Remy's mug was a nice salve. Seeing pictures of the Lynch boys in various stages of age is also such a gas, and made me pray that the hard drive I sent to get repaired (the one with ALL of my pictures from the last 8 years) is salvageable; it would really kill me if all those memories, like the ones captured and framed on this wall, are lost. That's the problem with Digital...its nice to be able to instantly capture moments instead of shooting them and hoping for the best after getting the roll developed, but its also much better to have tangible images in your hand, ready to be framed. I miss prints.

Saw G.I. JOE with the boys last night, just like old times. We used to go with my Dad all the time, and in a way, it felt like he was there with us, laughing his ass off on how awful this flick was. I really missed him then. Then again, maybe we spared him the agony of sitting through this fucking thing. For the best Im guessing.

Had a GREAT meeting with a NY based DP this morning as we met at an IHOP in East Islip. Great conversation, fluffy pancakes....good times. Hope it works out.



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