Friday, August 07, 2009

Shot of the Day #219: Flightplan 2: Remy's Revenge

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

I swear to god, this kid is seriously a miracle baby.

Flying to New York for a rough weekend, with Bri, baby, mother-in-Law AND dog in tow. Isn't there a famous adage warning people to "never work with babies or animals"? What if you have both?

But aside from the typical nightmare of getting packed, out the door, to the airport, through security and the gate, the kid was nothing short of a perfect lil' traveller. Always happy, smiling, even when prodded and poked by security. Sorry, we're not using the kid as a drug mule, at least this time.

On the flight, we were surrounded by babies, including one of the Sklar Bros. who had two kids in tow (also of note on plane: Morgan "SUPER SIZE ME" Spurlock) and other screaming rugrats, yet Remy stayed serene and smitten, smiling away at passerbys and flight attendants. Here we are in the back of the plane, hanging out within the Tony Scott-esque lighting of the Virgin America airplane. Love this airline.

We got into JFK late and picked up by my brother Andrew, so by that time Rem was pretty cranky but still never lost his shit, which for a baby of 6 months, pretty shocking. Turned up the 80's on XM and the kid was out like a scout.

Again, perfect kid. Hope he'll be good for the long trip tomorrow. My bets are on "yes".



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