Friday, July 31, 2009

Shot of the Day #212: Le Chapeau Du L'Araingnee!!

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.


...and then I realized, "Holy shit! I didn't shave! It wont match!!!"

So with the crew on hold, I ran into the bathroom, luckily having my toiletry bag in the car from a Foxhole-Prayer workout before the weekend events, and as I pull out the 3-tiered razor to slash away...

...something....crawled across my head.

In the reflection, I noticed a small black shape criss-cross across my hat (used to hold the mane back) and then quickly skitter out of sight. Now, if I didn't see it, would I have felt it creepily speed across my head? Who knows. But as quickly as it moved, that chilly electricity shot up my back and that fucking camo hat was off my head in record time. Holy shit, that little sucker looked fierce (and not the Tyra kind).

And what do I do? I go in for the shot. Typical. But come ON, look at that thing! Jesus Christopher!

For a day that defined "Surreal" (when two different times the same line was uttered: "What the hell just happened?"), this might have no significance at all to represent the day, but it still just felt right.



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