Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shot of the Day #85: Sharkey & The Mighty Bagel Day

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Every Thursday, in the hallowed halls of this Comcast-run building, people make sure they are in the office just a little earlier than usual. Why is that? Well, because this fine gent above, John Sharkey (also a HUGE Galactica fan), delivers paper-bags filled to the brim with delicious, fluffy Bagels ALMOST as good as the ones you find on the corners of every New York Deli or coffee kiosk (how I miss those). They come from The Bagel Broker, which i first heard of from an episode of ENTOURAGE, so they must be good if they're good enough for Johnny Drama and the gang, right? But it's been a tradition everyone loves for as long as I've been in the building, and its one that actually gives me a little more pep in ma' step when I wake up. It's a polite reminder that it's Thursday, one more day till the weekend, and while we're at it, add a few pounds to the mid-section....but damn if it don't taste good. My personal favorite? Easy: Cheddar Jalapeno. Like a warm, pillowy kiss from a lover. Who has cheese breath, but you don't mind. Those fuckers go fast, so you gotta be on your game or your stuck with a shitty Onion bagel. Seriously, who eats those?

However, this tradition's luster has been dulled a bit due to the economic woes of today. Yes friends, even Bagel Day is affected...whereas we once had the option of spreading our fatty delight with Lox-embedded cream cheese, those days are sadly behind us. So, I make due with Veggie Cream Cheese. I've gotten over it.

So when you see this man walking through YOUR hallway...find out his destination, and go for the paper bags that are sweating with grease...that's where the Cheddar Jalapeno's are hiding.



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