Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.106: SARAH, GREEN & THE BEAN

Shot with iPhone & Camera+, click to enlarge.

Our final day in Chicago...we first hit a burger joint for "frozen custard" (um, yes), then the convention center downtown for C2E2 (which was good to look around a bit, nice to not be packed in so tight) which was where our panel for HOLLISTON was. Little did we know that we were the absolute LAST panel on the LAST day, so we expected 1-2 people. Shock to us, it was MUCH more attending and everyone seemed to enjoy the panel and clips we showed and stories we told. Glad we did it, being that it was the last stop on our "Holliston Road Trip", so good we ended in a geek-friendly area. Thanks to everyone who came out, both at Fear Fest AND C2E2, we really appreciated it!

After C2E2 (isnt that a droid from STAR WARS? Ill have to check with the expert), our driver Mike offered to take us to Lou Malnati's which I heard was the #1 place for such a wealth of cheese, sauce and dough. Sure enough, it was....oh it was...

But BEFORE we did that, Sarah (a Chicago native) INSISTED we check out "The Bean", which Green and I were unfamiliar. If you've seen the recent SOURCE CODE you remember it as the mirrored bean-shaped exhibit downtown, which in person was such a stunning sight, even if it did rain. Kinda reminded me of the space ship from FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR...and above is the view INSIDE the bean. Trippy huh?

Now we're back at the hotel, recovering from the deep-dish massacre (with pieces to spare! Hello Midnight Snack!!) and watching TV, keeping it low profile before the trip back. Great trip, all around.

Thank you Chi-town!!! You were truly windy!



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