Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shot of the Day #109: A Weekend of Horrors, indeed.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

This was a rough fucking weekend, and it ain't over yet. I think I'm in a "happy place" with the edit, even though I still have quite a few hours to clock in so I make my deadline tomorrow so its back to the grind after this post.

Honestly, it was a low key Fango weekend...I missed out on Green and Solet's GRACE panel (even though I DID get a Baby Bottle...Remy's mouth, here it comes! Um...that sounded bad) as well as Raimi's for DRAG and then also had to pass up Rob Hall's LAID TO REST premiere all for the "greater good" (the greater good) of getting the video done, but that doesn't mean I can't be pissed about it. But I wanted to at least have a goal, that dangling carrot to keep me pressing on, so I told myself if I got to a certain point in the edit i can steel away from staring at this fucking computer for a few hours and walk the hallowed halls of Fango. So I did, and I was glad to since I needed to stretch the hammys, but when i got there, I was a little saddened to see the whole con relegated to a small, half-empty corner of the LA convention center and 2 tiny rooms for the panels. People looked genuinely bored, but then again, many of them had probably been there all weekend, yet it was refreshing to see my many of my friends, including Kelli from Metal Blade (who was working a table, poor girl) Solet and his artsy wife-beaters, Parker (who had an AMAZING panel for his click THE HILLS RUN RED), Toby Wilkins from SPLINTER (SUPER nice guy, to boot), Jared Rivet, Rob G, The Evil Barnick, Mendez, Rotten, Creepy & Debi, Spooky and all the rest. Just seeing these faces made me forget how lonely home is right now. I need to get out more. I was also glad to make the "Previews" part of the con, which is where they show a reel of different upcoming horror trailers for the audience and the one thing I have never missed since 1990. They even showed the new WRONG TURN 3 trailer, and it got a GREAT reaction (crossing fingers the movie is good!)

Also, to all the people who came up to me regarding BODY COUNT...thanks for the kind words! I just heard it did VERY well so we might do the dance again soon! What should I recommend this time....hmmmm....

Speaking of friends, here is a shot of my friend John Skipp, renowned horror author & one of the founding fathers of the Splatterpunk movement. Also: Father to Melanie here, who just scored some sweet home-made horror plushies from a vendor downstairs. I dunno why, but these are just too cool for school. She seemed genuinely pleased.

So again, It was nice to see everyone, but alas, shortlived; I couldn't even get to Neil and Axelle's book signing at Dark Del's (Sorry guys!) but i got a fucking video to conquer. OK...back to it!



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