Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shot of the Day #80: Bri is B-BOMB!

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

This colorful splash of eye-sore is on the wall next to PURE LUCK CAFE, where we stopped for dinner after a highly successful Birthing class Reunion today. Bri, Remy and I had a great time reconnecting with the other young parents who were in our class, this time without bursting bellies but sweet, beautiful babies. So nice to be able to comiserate with like-minded folks who know what it's like to walk around with puke spunk on their cool T-shirts (*fume*) or to get 5 hours of sleep a week. Everyone looked weary but happy, smiles all around, and some from the babies too. Our Hosts, Michael & Andrea, were so sweet to host the gathering at the last minute, and their house in Silverlake was pretty stunning. Made me just despise our white-walled anus of an apartment all the more. Can't wait to finally move and have a, oh, what's it called? ...A view? Right, that's it. Sick of having to walk past our balcony and worry some asian geek is getting a gander of my giblets when Im swaddling my brood. Ah, someday...a guy can dream.

On the way home though, since we were in the area we decided to get take-out for dinner tonight, and not gonna pass up a chance to go to SCOOPS, the absolute best ice-cream parlor in town, which was right next door. Since we already had the Nikon out, I noticed the BomberMan-meets-Scott Pilgrim (Prob cause I have that manga-inspired comic on the brain now)mural on the wall on Heliotrope (which is called the "Bicycle District", from what I heard) and had to take the opportunity. It's a little flat for my taste, but I like the colors and putting Wifey & Baby in the frame like that, adding a little scope.

I've gotten better with allowing myself to "stop and smell the roses" when it comes to a shot. I mean, I made this bed of a project, I might as well enjoy the sheets, right? But it's also opened my eyes up a little more to the world around me, allowing me to let my brain compose things more, find the shot. I always did that as a kid; close one eye in the kitchen while making a bowl of cereal and wonder how I'd shoot it, moving and fast-dollying as I grab the milk and cut from that to grabbing the spoon, usually with a "wooshing" sound effect. Guess I was priming myself to be a filmmaker early on...or just being a moron. It's a subjective opinion.

But again, having the SOTD has been good visual prep for the next few months. Getting excited about things and wonder what the SOTD is going to be in the coming days. It fuels my fire.

You know what else fans the flame, really gets the embers glowing? See below:

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.



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