Friday, March 13, 2009

Shot of the Day #72: West Hollywood Wellness

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

On Bri's insistence, I went to one of her doctors today, and gotta admit, I do feel better. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally; when i walked out of the office, everything seemed a little brighter, more vibrant, a little more hope injected in my soul...
...Hope I wasn't dosed.

On the road to recovery...


PS: I've been contemplating this for a while, and I decided that, in lieu of this weekend's release of a film I was asked back in 2006 to pitch my take on to possibly direct (and one I REALLY wanted, even before WT2 happened), I would post my online "reel" for my take on the remake of a notorious 70's exploitation flick. Now, clearly they went in another direction, one closer to the source material (and one I opposed to due to the modern times), but from what i've heard, the movie works and Im actually psyched to see the end result. Helps you have a good director (I loved his last film even before i heard he got it over me, so good choice I'd say) and what seems to be a good cast, but it still stings a bit after one works very hard on a proposal and it gets rejected (and you never even get a call back after they promise you that one final meeting. Ah, Hollywood). BUT...if in an alternate reality, here is what this particular film would have looked like if I got my dirty mitts on it. Enjoy my take HERE...or not.

Would it have been better? Who knows?! Im gonna try to drag myself to see it this weekend if i feel good enough (lord knows Bri wont be joining) and if the film is as effective as my friends who have seen it already attest Ill be glad to say I loved it (it's happened before, and will happen again and again, Im sure!) but we'll see. I still stand by my idea. All artists should.

I'm not bitter, but when the idea came to put this up publically, I just felt, "what the hell? It's only a movie, right? 'It's only a movie...". I guess I'm just proud of my ideas and stand by them. But I'm also hoping it's a good movie. Any good horror that makes a profit is good for the horror family. I'll certainly try to put my 13 bucks towards the cause.

Many MANY thanks (and a few fanny slaps) go to Ken Perkins, who did the amazing boards for me, ones I'm going to frame when I get money for such extravagances. Industry folks, hire this guy, he's that good.

Board by Ken Perkins. Click to enlarge.


Blogger gOnZoRiFFiC said...


As a fan of the original "Last House", I am in total agreement with you regarding how that story should have been updated for current times. Seeing your pitch, knowing it came from the "Wrong Turn 2" guy (!!!!), it's clear you were the right person for the job. Not the people who made such a timid, forgettable film. I'm not the opponent of remakes that so many horror diehards seem to be, but I was truly disappointed in what I paid to see last weekend.

My friends at are planning to record a podcast featuring David A. Szulkin as a guest, and I sent them the link to your pitch, asking them to consider having you on the show as well.


6:40 PM  

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