Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shot of the Day #70: Baby Head vs. 5th Ave

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to enlarge.

We've deduced that one of the few things that calms the mighty beast, even when taken ill, is this over-sized Photo of New York City (5th Ave., from 25th to 14th) which we have on our wall in the living room (courtesy of IKEA...oh how we're so cultured). Whenever we face his little orbs that direction and he locks in on the black and white canvas, the tapestry of buildings and circulatory system of roads surrounding the FlatIron, he seems to go in a daze. Silence. Amazing stuff, like visual gripe water.

Studies have shown that babies see in B&W first, then shades of grey and so on down the color spectrum, so this makes sense I guess. But its just funny, how when we're so small and ultra-absorbing like a roll of Brawny that images like this calm us or even facinate our spongy brains. How images like this, now taken for granted, seem so fascinating. I remember my mom had an old poster of King Kong in my room when I was 1 that I always remember being somewhat soothing as I looked at it in my crib. Look! That looks like my Dad! Ook! No joke, I remember that shit.

Hopefully one day I can walk him down 5th & 23rd next to the FlatIron building seen here and say "A photo of this building saved me from tossing you off the balcony at 3am when you were screaming!". Hopefully he remembers this and doesn't call Social Services. Hopfully noone will read what I just wrote.

Thank god for 5th ave.

OK, I think we're done being sick, OK? Anyone? Hello?



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